welcome to [tea.xyz.hmmbuzz.click]

made this website in the spirit of OSS (Open-Source Software) 

to share.hmmbuzz.click tender for $250K funding opportunity

URL discovered @ [codepen.io] [seePDFopens new tab/window] or visit


tea.xyz led by founder max howell [mxcl.dev] 
          original writer of homebrew [brew.sh]

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     multi-facet URL name creations borne of trauma chaos, 
     sorrow serendipity survival, angst of awareness & 
     increasingly uncertain futures. 
     project aims to 'fediversify' 
     entire hmmbuzzclick collection 
     as OSS tools for generational 
     security of all species

  thanks for visiting & thankscodepen.iowriter for background image
* soon additional information to support tender *

update #01
for clarification, the interconnectedness feature of the fediverse has similarities to some of what hmmbuzzclick collection aims toward.
hmmbuzzclick is not a 'social network' per se, rather a socially organised open network, ongoing resource development opportunity.
fediverse.to < fyi link on fediverse
Fediverse < a wikipedia.org article link